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Born & brought up in Delhi, India Gursimran Kaur is a self-taught, full time artist. She firmly believes that Art has some supernatural powers that can heal us. It’s a therapy that helps us wash away the stress of everyday life. 

She does a lot of artforms ranging from ancient to modern abstract artforms that help her express her ideas, beliefs & view points. 

She specialises in a variety of artforms – Mandala, Fluid art, mixed media, alcohol ink art, resin, geodes, pastels, watercolor, acrylic & oil. She’s very creative & also indulges herself in making lots of handmade products. 

She exhibits her work (Pan india & Abroad) & also takes online & offline workshops for all age groups for the above mentioned artforms. Recently , she has also initiated a creative healing concept called ‘Journaling- Let go & Heal’ where she professes on how to heal oneself using “Art” as a medium. 


Exhibitions are an integral part of my life . Taking part in them gives me immense joy & motivation to share my thoughts through my artworks.
A glimpse of my past, present & future exhibition

Offline Exhibitions


Art Workshops

Fluid Art
Alcohol Ink Art
Dot Art

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Wall Mandala Art

“Wall mandala by Gursimran Kaur”
It took me 4 beautiful days of hardwork and passion to complete this wall mandala. When I was about to start this , I didn’t really know how would it 


“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.” 

Appreciation is our motivation.  It can make our day or even change our lives. I am super grateful to everyone who supported me, motivated me & appreciated me in my Art journey.  

So just trying to conclude here a glimpse of few of my achievements for which I feel super blessed & grateful.


Healing During Covid

My artwork is a mandala creation. It is made with concentric circles, which depict that the prayers we put out into the universe are thrown back at us in abundance.

My mandala art shows a transition, which has been faced by everyone during this tough time.
Ever since Covid hit us, many people lost their lives, almost everyone faced financial crunch, emotional and mental health has been compromised leading to psychological problems/breakdowns.
Yet, we know that there are two sides to every coin.

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StudeNT Reviews

I attended the journaling n dot art workshop...I had huge fun doing dat... completely aesthetic...journaling has given a very new n beautiful routine to my day...making me more positive as it is just like mediation..thankeww for ur contribution in making me learn something really valuable n beautiful🥰🥰🌸😊

Shweta Upadhyay Delhi

I joined in for 1. Fluid art class 2. Alcohol ink class It was great learning from you. Very patient while teaching. Had a fun time. All the best, keep going!

Komal Singhi Punjab

Enjoyed the course!🥰 I learned: a) alcohol ink art; b) dot art. I really enjoyed the workshop. Everything was explained in brief. Both of these art forms were new to me and you helped me a lot in understanding the art forms and practicing them. Really loved it. In summary, this course was very interesting and useful for me. Thank you💙


Learning the art form from this beautiful soul is amazing. She makes it very enjoyable. Starting from the basics to the very advanced level she teaches it in a structured and easy way so that anybody can easily understand and learn the artform. She also teaches do's and dont's in the art which is very very helpful. She also keeps in touch and encourages after the workshop which will help us to fine tune our learning and better the art. Much love dear ❤️

Radhika Courses I learnt : Dot art and Fluid art. Courses in queue : Alcohol ink art 😀

I felt very amazing about the workshop I had a great time learning new art you were a very supportive teacher and helped me out with many things and also had a lot of fun tysm mam for the amazing workshop😘❤️

Ahana Mumbai

I saw the post on instagram about learning mandal art and various courses, however my eye catched mandala art course, so as soon as I saw it, I enrolled myself for it. The day when session was happening, I was feeling very positive and also very curious on how will I learn, but gursimran took the session in a very smooth way, and after learning art, I felt very happy that I learnt something new today. Also learning mandala art was a kind of meditation for me. While learning the art, I did not even noticed how much time went out. Thanks for teaching this and I hope you make all beautiful arts and god bless you always!🌸❤️

Sonali Bain Delhi

Heyy, I have joined Journalling  Workshop😊.The workshop was so amazing  the way she interacted with me ,explained  the things so nicely. The way of her narration was good I enjoyed  all 5 days of workshop with you❤️.Throughout  the workshop  you were so kind ,so polite, so helpful  to me😊. The healing part and art part both were  amazing  ❤️.One of the best workshop  ❤

Priyanka Gupta Mumbai

Thank you so much didi for the amazing workshops 💞 you taught me like your elder sister only and I have an amazing time 💞 And I love how you teach each and every step.. Thanku  😄

Somya Alcohol Ink Workshop and Dot Art Workshop

Thank you so much for such an amazing workshop loved it✨. I got to know abt alcoholic inks and their techniques. Loved the session Thank u✨


Hi Dear The workshop was nice, keep it up.

Priti Kumari Mandala Art

The workshop was really amazing you taught me many journaling things and you personalised workshop according to my choice that was really great 👍🏻 I loved the workshop it was fun with you.

Shravani Pune

Hi Simran it was lovely doing mandala workshop with you, it was really distressing, in this pandemic & the way you taught made all things very easy, thank you so much, as you always answer my queries any time🤩 all best for a perfect teacher like you👍🏻

Mrs.Nair Pune

Hey , I completely enjoy your workshop as you guide me properly and clear all my doubts . without your guidance it won't be possible to create so many beautiful artworks. Thank you so much for all the tips . You are an amazing artist and I am really glad to attend your workshop. The best part is that you provide personal workshop and give attention to your students properly . Thanks once again.

Poulima Hazra Courses Taken : Dot art workshop, fluid art workshop.

I have learnt  alcohol ink art & fluid art forms . I really really enjoyed it to the core . The sessions were so professional. Simran ma’am you were having a constant check on us whether we r doing it right or wrong , never hestitated to repeat the points again and again. One of the best parts was even days after the sessions got over any doubts she was always available Thank you soo much for such wonderful sessions ♥️♥️ Looking forward for even more 🥰🥰

Simran Aggarwal Hyderbad

So before starting the course that day I was very nervous and frustrated with everything happening around. But as soon as I sat with Gursimran didi to start the course, the bright smile on her face and the way she spoke in order to make one feel comfortable was amazingly awesomee. During the course of the session I learnt that art was the perfect way for me to express myself and continue doing it as a hobby. It truly has supernatural powers to heal you. The 2 hour course had done miracles to me. After the session I was all calm, peaceful and had a sense of accomplishment as I had learnt something new. The experience was incredible and I look forward to be a part of such wonderful sessions. Thank you

Shruti Keshan Fluid Painting Workshop

I took up your course for dot mandala and it was a lovely experience. It was very beautifully explained and it was simple to learn. Just loved the way you taught ❤️❤️.

Tanu Sharma

Heyyyy simran , thank you so much for the amazing session I really really enjoyed it and I have made quite a few things from the alcoholic art , and I have also been using the art for gifting items once again thank you soo much , looking forward for the upcoming sessions

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